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Note from the Founder

I founded BookWerm.com in 2015, soon after I published my first book. Now it’s a few years later, and I’ve published a total of three self-help books and four cozy mysteries (under a pen name). I am passionate about connecting authors and readers, and I want the BookWerm site to serve as a more accessible option for authors to connect with potential new readers. I have also found that readers often enjoy a new “author find,” and the site and its social media channels may serve as a channel for that. (For more information about my decision to create the site a few years ago, feel free to read this legacy post.)

BookWerm is often more of a passion project in my personal view, particularly with the costs that accompany website hosting and email marketing — since I like to keep the costs down for authors who want to be featured. There has been the learning curve with the changes in Twitter and Facebook algorithms (those channels initially had a long reach and were quite effective nearly on their own at first). But as authors know, the online landscape is always evolving. In the end, my goal is to grow this small site into a solid option for authors to market their books, and for readers to discover them. Going forward, I intend to do that more organically. I have tried various paid advertising methods, but in the end the site’s most faithful visitors have found it on its own, so I’d like to return to the foundation of the site and focus on the value it can provide.

I recently rebuilt the site again to optimize for page speed, cleanness, etc. I’ve also returned to the original email marketing provider. It is a bit more costly, but I think that provider produces a better newsletter visually! I also added a community component (forum) where authors and readers are welcome to post their insights — whether it’s about a particular book or a question about writing. I also intend to post more resources and articles. Feel free to contact me or post a question if there is a topic you’d like to discuss or learn about!

Thank you for visiting this site and Happy Reading/Writing! 🙂 And as always to “my authors,” thank you for your ongoing support. I always enjoy our email exchanges, and I love when I see that you’ve published that next novel!



September 21, 2019

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