These resources are intended to help you. Note that we are still compiling all of our information and data, but the information below is a start! We will be adding more in the future. We do not have any affiliation with the other services/authors (unless noted). 

Writing (and Business/Publishing) Resources

Indie Publishing Resources

The following authors have successfully self-published and offer resources on their respective websites. Some have even created businesses around training authors!

Book Promotion Resources

If you are an author and are curious about other potential platforms to advertise with, we recommend the following based on personal experience: (unusual to receive help like this? Yes. But giving you the best service is our #1 goal! We find that “promotion stacking” over a course of a few days works best).

Tip: One of the best ways to promote your author brand/books is to publish the next book! 

Self-help/Success Tips:

  • Lisa Kardos (founder of BookWerm): (Personal note from Lisa: this is one of our sister sites. My website is not necessarily about self-publishing, but it does focus on how to be successful.)

To Be Continued…

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